What Does Giving Birth In America Entail?

babies-stars-stripes_30756aThe United States is considered a dream destination for many. While some prefer the country as a prime destination for furthering their careers, some would be contented with the mere fact of having visited the country of dreams and experienced the essence of civilisation as captured by the majestic landmarks in a city such as New York or even experiencing the multicultural Utopia in a city such as Miami.

Recently adding to the list of those who are jostling to step into this land is expectant mothers. In this article, we shall look at some of the questions you need answered in case you are planning to give birth in America.

What does the process entail?

The first thing you need to do if you are planning to give birth in the United States is contact a doctor or a hospital of your choice by depositing an amount of money and then waiting for a letter of acceptance.

This would be followed by a visa application where you would attach your letter of acceptance along with proof of financial capacity to actually meet the costs associated with giving birth.

If all goes well and the visa is sanctioned, you need to be in the country about 32 weeks prior to your due date and have with you about $10 000 in liquid cash for incidental expenses.

It is then that you would arrange to immediately visit your doctor or hospital and only after making the full payment will the delivery process start.

If it goes well, ensure you secure your baby a birth certificate as well as the US passport.

What is the cost?

The cost of giving birth in America is dictated by many factors, the main ones being your preferred city or health facility, the type of delivery [whether it is vaginal or a Caesarean section] and the number of children per single birth.

There are those cities such as Houston in Texas which are considered to be fair in terms of birth cost, with an OB averaging $2000 and $2500 for normal hospital birth. There is a slight hike when the birth involves a C-section though, as you will have to cough up an extra $800 for the OB and an extra $1200 for a normal hospital birth.

However, these rates may vary depending on the number of children per a single delivery as well as the extent of complications [if any].

Could a visa stand in my way?

You will not always be granted a visa to visit the US and as it were, that would mean you lose the chance of giving birth in the country. However, you may always reapply, especially if the reasons for the denial are not crime-related.

When should I begin the visa application?

The ideal stage to begin applying for a US visa is when you are about 25 weeks pregnant. There are many factors at play here. First you do not have to be in the country for too long as you may have to carry loads of cash for other expenses while you are there. Secondly, you may just be frustrated by certain airline policies on carrying pregnant women. Note that many such airlines will not feel comfortable carrying you if you are more than 28 weeks pregnant so make a wise choice depending on where you stand in these.

What of Accommodation

Last but not least, when looking to give birth in the US, always partner with an agency like us that ensures everything is taken care of. You might have your folks living in the states and might be thinking along the lines of saving some money by having them offer you accommodation.

While it is not such a bad idea, it always safe to exercise caution. As an agency, we will ensure we help you secure your visa application as well as a doctor’s appointment. We will also cater for your airport transfers, accommodation as well as post-natal care which include among other things ensuring your baby gets a birth certificate.

Are you now planning to give birth in America? Well, if you are, you may just begin your process from a point of information, or better yet let us be at your service.